Bricomart catalog Baths May 2017

Bricomart bathrooms are always an excellent choice when you need to make a reform in this room of the house, as their prices are very competitive and have a wide variety of product. We show you some items for reference purposes.

If you are in full renovation of your home, surely what most concerns is giving are the bathrooms and kitchen. At the end of the day, are the rooms that less change over time, either for economic investment or posed so hard to do this type of work. So today we're going to help, analyzing one of the best catalogs of the moment, that of Bricomart baths. You can also access the catalog offers Bricomart month by clicking on this line.

He has many items of all kinds, from a traditional to more modern style, which they will adapt perfectly to your project. In addition, if you are looking for ideas to put cheap bathrooms and quality, this is a very good choice Would you take a look?

Bricomart bathrooms: Health


One of the most popular choices today are health with Cushioned drop cap. There are different types of finish: round, square or halfway with rounded corners.


On the other hand, in this catalog Bricomart baths, Roca offers you the best line of sanitary adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Bricomart bathrooms: sinks

Options to choose sinks are many more and they all fit a good budget, to allow you to enjoy cheap bathrooms without losing the style.

pedestal sinks-Bricomart-

If what you need is a pedestal sink, in this catalog you have a wide selection with all kinds of ways that fit the space available in your bathroom, no problem.


You can also decantarte for built-in washbasin in a bathroom cabinet, increasing storage space. Later I show you the options proposed for cheap Bricomart bathrooms with furniture, but so far without pedestal sinks see.


If your bathroom is small space or what you need is a toilet, perhaps you will probably go for small washbasin, adaptable to narrow furniture. Minimalism style pure decoration led Bricomart baths.

Bricomart Bathrooms: bathroom furniture

It's time to talk and storage bathroom furniture. If you have a large space, you can not resist placing your sink in one of the models of bathroom furniture larger, they're fantastic!


But, as I have said before, there are also options for those who're designing a smaller space or a toilet. small but very well used furniture.


Also, you can complete your storage space with auxiliary furniture. Catalog Bricomart bathrooms has a wide range of cabinets of all types, you can put in a corner to store towels, toiletries or anything else.


Cheap bathrooms do not have to give up storage space because it is very necessary for everyone. Bricomart knows, and offers endless opportunities for all styles.

Bricomart bathrooms showers and screens

Finally, the protagonist of any bathroom, master piece more visual weight will be in the room shower. Do not miss the best Selection of showers and screens of the moment.

Whatever your idea, you can achieve it with this catalog, while getting cheap bathrooms. You'll find shower trays all kinds of materials and sizes, along with screens of all styles you can imagine.


You see, the options are many. It is cheap when designing bathrooms without sacrificing the taste of each. We love the many styles which includes catalog Bricomart baths, but above all, the ability to adapt to all types of spaces with very competitive prices.

Bricomart bathrooms: Catalog 2017

Then we are going to show the current catalogs of Bricomart where you can see offers that are in place.

Bathrooms Bricomart 2017: May catalog

In this section we are going to show the latest developments launched for Bricomart bathrooms. A complete catalog where the bathrooms are players with kitchens (can click here to see the kitchens of Bricomart 2017).

In this catalog you going to find articles with brief features and prices: Sanitary ware, showers and baths, screens, screens, hydromassage cabins, hydrotherapy and bathroom fittings, heating, bathroom furniture, mirrors, dressing rooms, bathroom accessories, accessories, technical fittings, accessories communities.

You can see all the news here:

Bathrooms Bricomart 2017: annual catalog

This section of the article we will share with you the health section of Annual catalog of Bricomart, where you can find all the information concerning this area home and the various items (bathtubs, shower trays, screens, taps&# 8230;) along with their prices have available in Bricomart.

Just click on the first image so you can see all items 2017:

If you want to see the rest of products other sections (kitchens, tools, paints, etc.) has prepared Bricomart, click here: Annual Catalog 2017 Bricomart