Special measures appliances

Some kitchens are so small that require the use of appliances that are of special measures. Others have such a unique design that also require custom-made appliances that are purchased. Then Espaciohogar, we speak of those who are Appliances special measures.


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Special measures appliances


appliances special measures, can be refrigerators with 50 cm wide, or even models of mini dishwasher to wash four services, and we can even get to find washing machines measuring just 45 cm wide and 42 cm ovens only. All designed for kitchens that are of a diminutive size.

We can say that do you cook They are featuring appliances with special measures They are becoming more demanded.

2248-867Until not long to furnish the kitchen of standard measurements you have to take into account home appliances. Standard measures to be lost in space furniture or drawers. Consumers demanded home appliances a little smaller to fit kitchens and small apartments.

Electrodomesticos: standard measures

Electrodomesticos: standard measures

  • The refrigerators the width and depth around 60 cm and height from 1.70 cm to 200 cm.
  • Washing machines Y dishwasher, 60 centimeters wide, 65 deep, and on 85 high.
  • Hornos 32 deep, 42 wide, 38 high.
  • Microwave much variety in sizes and models. A common measure is 50 40 55 cm

Appliances: special measures


Save space in the kitchen is a constant concern. To meet these expectations a new generation is emerging appliances are appliances with special measures. Instead of wide and 60 cm deep, the gap is now less, about 45 centimeters.

We talk about 15 centimeters less, if you add a kitchen appliances, it can be assumed to have a cabinet more or to install on a line several appliances before you would not fit.

Bosch-hbn5650uc-500-series stainless-steel--double-wall-oven-42-cuft-21415421

  • Washing machines and dryers, you have them from 45 centimeters in various brands such as Fagor, Samsung. AEG It has top loading washers 40 centimeters wide.
  • Dishwasher 45 cm wide you find them in many brands, such as Balay, Siemens AEG, Bosch, Teka.
  • compact ovens, Balay, Teka, Bosch. and many other brands.
  • The microwave usually they have different sizes and are well suited to small spaces.
  • fridges. Although it is more difficult to reduce the size, fridges about 50 centimeters brands such as Ignis, Whirpool, Rommer. Refrigerators tend to become higher for greater capacity or divided into two sections. Thus two holes 60 cm undercounter you can group fridge and freezer. An option in small kitchens.
  • The cooktops  also they adapt and become more compact. The have four, three and two fires. Plates 60 x 45 centimeters. As usually you do not use more than two fires at once you have a plate of three or two fires, which gives you comfort and more space (the plates are smaller, that wanted to counter)