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The Advent wreath is one of the fundamental elements of Christmas, both decorative as an element of Christianity.

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What is the Advent wreath?

The Advent wreath represents the four weeks preceding Christmas and marks the beginning of the Christian liturgical year. Therefore, it is common decoration of this crown has four or five candles that are igniting depending on the week in which we find ourselves.


How to Make an Advent wreath

Most often the crown is made with fir or pine, which give the house a wonderful smell, but can also be made with other materials that you will be showing throughout the article have you seen a crown with typical plant of Christmas, holly?

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Beyond the religious significance of the Advent wreath, it has become a decorative element used center table as an ornament that hangs on the door as a symbol of welcome Christmas.


Another option that can resultaros interesting is this last picture that combines pomegranates, with pineapples and instead of Scotch tape (as you will see in the next section) use tape staff makes a nod to Christmas carols and chords.

Origins of the Advent wreath

Advent crown arises during the fourth and sixth centuries, in pre-Christian communities in northern towns. To adapt to the cold suffering during December, they used to light fires with green branches, which also served to welcome spring.

Later, in the sixteenth century, Catholics and Protestants, turned these crowns of green branches that burned in, what they called, a seed of truth that representamba the supreme truth with the arrival of Jesus. Thus, it began to be used as a symbol of Advent. Thus, candles are a countdown to Jesus Christ come and enlighten us with the light it brings.

Meaning of candles on Advent wreaths


The four candles containing Advent wreaths, every Sunday light until Christmas Day arrives. These candles represent stages of salvation of Jesus and the light itself emanating from the candles symbolizes the sun of justice.


In addition, we can enocntrar other symbolisms in the Advent wreath. For example, your circular means because eternity has neither beginning nor end. Green branches express life and hope, and red color that is usually put in Advent wreaths are God's love for all mankind.

Advent wreath coloring

A very easy and simple manualidad Children's color a Advent wreath then cropping and hang it somewhere in the house or even on the Christmas tree.


If you are interested in learning more ways decorate your Christmas tree, Here we leave an article with many different ideas:

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On the other hand, we can also do them a game to represent the essence of each candle of the Advent wreath. In this way, we can paint an Advent wreath but unfinished, to coloring every Sunday one of the candles.

Here we leave gallery Advent wreaths coloring, so you have more options:

A crown of warning step

Materials you need to make Advent wreath


  • Foam foam or Oasis: that used to drive flowers and their maintenance. With a knife you give round crown and empty inside so that you stay that way.
  • 4 pinecones spruce or fir

  • 9 Red and yellow small apples

  • 8 cinnamon sticks

  • 30 green twigs: ivy, lavender or any wild plant.

  • 3 sprigs of natural pine or spruce

  • 2 meters wide cloth belt in Scottish tones

  • Raffia

  • Scissors

  • A package of green wire used in flower shop

How to make the Advent wreath?

Begins cutting small twigs branches of fir or pine you have. Remas green, ivy or other plant also cut smaller twigs to put on the crown.

Try to leave a little stick hard branch so that it can stick, like this. You see the green branches sticking and pine in the same direction, so that it look nice.


You go branches nailing pine or spruce also inside crown ring, ensuring that yedra branches or twigs white (such as video) are above the pine. thus


Rivets long wire by half the Apple and you get it bends to the wire on the other side. Thus, you have two pieces of wire on each side of the block to be nailed to the crown. Clava wires in 12 blocks and reserve.


If the cinnamon stick It is long, cut into sticks about 10 cm. Take four or five cinnamon sticks, boards and atas with raffia like a package so to have 7 or 8 packages. Behind raffia raisins serve a wire fixing it on the Christmas wreath. Leave at least 8 cm wire so they can dig without problems.

Green wire sticks the two parts and two sticks by clavas pineapple to make it more individual. The clavas up and down both sides of the crown. 12 blocks have put three dunks around each pineapple and around nails cinnamon sticks.


You see surrounding the crown from the center with Scotch tape from the inner ring out and fixed with wire sticks. It'll look like this:


When you finish going around the crown to the tape you will have two tape ends left over you so you can hang the door or put up the chimney, furniture etc.

In addition to nice, you'll see the aroma of this crown.

Christmas wreath to do with kids


After haberos taught how to make the crown of adviendo or Christmas wreath step by step, now we explain how to make a crown but this time by children. Easy, simple and nice !.

Materials needed for each child:

  • A plate of plastic or cardboard
  • Red ribbon
  • Macaroni and other types of pasta
  • Tempera green, red, and blue
  • Brushes
  • Glue


Paint the green plate, you put to dry and then paint all the food dough that we will stick in colors such as red or white.

The dry plate, make a hole up to move the red tape so we can hang it later.

For the gold details, you can do with a little paint this color, glitter gel or liquid gold.


Paste dough around the plate, having first made a circumference of the center, so that this part is empty as seen in the pictures.

Advent wreath with recycled materials

Although you can make many kinds of Advent wreaths with recycled materials, here we will teach one of the easiest ways. It is making a wreath with plastic bags.


First we have to make a wire base. To do this, place thick circular wire, giving it more shape to the ends to hold the whole armor on which we will build the Advent wreath.

Then we have to choose plastic bags, the color you want or a simple spray paint color, then cut them and are the central part of the Advent wreath that we will build.

You must cut the bags into equal strips of two and five centimeters. Then rolled strips bags around base wire.

Finally, you must attach the wire, helping string, the decorations you consider necessary and that you like. You can hang from a tie up Christmas balls. Ornaments help us cover the junction between the wires and plastic bags, and so make it more beautiful.

Advent wreath with corks

crown-Christmas advent-crown-video-step-by-step-recycled-with-Corks

Another idea to make an Advent wreath at Christmas and that is recycled is to try to make one like this and you see above has been done with cork stoppers.

To make this crown will need a number of corks that must be placed next to each other and also need small blue balls you see in the picture.

For those of you you can do yourself with plastic or foam, or buy tiny balls in any multiprecio store.

To attach the plugs, you must use the balls, and for this you can with the help of some silicone hot that you should apply carefully (and a small amount).

By last Add your Advent wreath or garland a tie that allows you to crown your creation.

Advent wreath with leaves

crown-Christmas advent-crown-video-step-by-step-recycled-with-leaves

On the other hand, you can dedicate yourself to collect leaves the park with your children and then join them. The result is such a beautiful and lush as you see above this crown.

You must collect a large number of leaves of various trees and then all the drawbacks. You have two ways of doing this. One is sticking with a little glue sheet at (center) and the other is to take some thread that is resistant or not thick wool, and with a needle through each sheet.

Seeks to be giving the rounded shape as you're joining the leaves. Once the raisins on a hanger, and the same will serve to hang.

You can see more examples of Advent wreaths pictures of recycled materials:

Making an Advent wreath minimalist

crown-Christmas advent-crown-video-step-by-step-minimalist

And if what you like is to have an Advent wreath that is unlike anything we've seen so far, we can choose an Advent wreath that is of a minimalist style.

For this you can be inspired by various ideas and so choose a crown like you see above or better yet, you can do it yourself.

For that, grab a scarf you have to be pretty thick and you have on the table, to have the body, you can wrap a bit of cardboard or circulate any element Tenas at home. To finish it you miss just placing a few candles that are not too large.

Prayers to light each candle Advent wreath

To make prayers to light each candle Advent wreath, first we need to know how bless the Advent wreath. To do this, you can use the following sentence:

Lord, we ask you to spill your blessing upon this wreath, to remind us domingo a domingo we should be awake waiting for Christ brings salvation. Do not let the evils that surround us prevent us commit ourselves to change reality. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then you have to make a prayer for each candle. The moment we want to represent our prayer, every Sunday, are different, so try to make a sentence that is different for each. For the first Sunday, we leave this prayer:

Lord we light this light, as he who lights his lamp to go out at night to meet the friend who is coming. In the first week of Advent we prepared to wait for you to get up to greet you with joy. Many shadows surround us. Many praise numbs us. We want to be awake and vigilant, because you bring us the clearest light, the deeper peace and true joy. Come, Lord Jesus. Come, Lord Jesus!


For the second Sunday, Here you have another option prayer to light the candle of the Advent wreath belongs to us:

The prophets kept alive the hope of Israel. We as a symbol, we light these candles. The old trunk is sprouting, flowers desert. The entire shudders humility because God has sown in our flesh. Each of us, Lord, open your life to sprout, so florezcas, to be born and keep hope in our heart burning. Come quickly, Lord. Come, Savior!

For the third Sunday, Before Christmas, we recommend you follow the following sentence, you must perform before the Advent wreath, with family members holding hands:

In the darkness a light went on in the wilderness cried a voice. The good news is announced: the Lord will come. Prepare your ways, because it is coming. You adorn your soul as a bride is adorned on her wedding day. the messenger is coming. Juan Bautista is not light, but the light that announces. When we light these three candles each of us wants to be yours torch to shine, calls for hot. Come, Lord, save us, envuélvenos in your light, caliéntanos in your love!

Finally, to end the last Sunday of Advent, light the candle praying the following:

Lord Jesus, today's liturgy invites us to look at pregnant Mary, who has taken you in her womb for nine months and soon will give birth. Help us to live in faith this mystery called "Incarnation". You who live and reign for ever and ever. Amen

Do not forget that after every sentence, you must keep in mind the requests that wants to make every member of the family and observe a minute for them.

Video how to make Advent wreath:

So you can see how to make an Advent wreath moving and not just step by step we indicate, here we leave you a video that you can easily follow:

Advent wreaths Photos

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