More than 100 ideas furniture made from recycled pallets

The pallets They are an inexpensive material that is easy to find, we can also make thousands of furniture with them. If you're looking for create your own furniture based pallets, Today, we show the step by step how to do, along with a variety of ideas furniture made from pallets to decorate your house. We started!


Pallet wood is a material that is perfect when making our furniture. As we have said before, it is a very inexpensive material, easy to find and we will allow versatility of designs, as we see below:

Furniture made pallets: 100 Ideas


One of the major headaches that can bring us this type of decoration with pallets is how to design and fit the space we have available. Therefore, we have gathered a number of ideas to prevent &# 8220; that headache&# 8221 ;.

Pallet furniture: sofas

We often wonder how we can decorate our living room, ie put Sofa, besides being comfortable is original, beautiful and fits well with the other elements of the room.

pallet furniture-with-sofa inside

Manufacture a sofa with pallets can be an original idea, also easy to do, we can do all sizes and fits in all kinds of places, terraces, lounges, indoor or outdoor.

pallet furniture-with-sofa-dos-seater

With good lighting we get the effect we seek. We can make various kinds of sofas, like the next picture.

pallet furniture-with-sofa

Furniture pallets: For television


For interiors, we have thousands of design possibilities available.

Furniture pallets: Bathroom

pallet furniture-with-bath furniture-with pallet-banos

Furniture pallets: Different types of tables

Depending on whether you want a table inside or outside, with brackets, wheels, office&# 8230; will a table or another. The first thing to know is what type of table and the role we have.

pallet furniture-with-table-desk

Furniture pallets: Interior

Indoor furniture with pallets We are of different styles, shapes and functionalities. While in most outdoor furniture are tables with sofas or chairs, inside we found desktops, accessories, different types of tables with different functional.

pallet furniture-with-table-low

An example of this is the next picture, where you can see very long desks office, comfortable and beautiful as well.

pallet furniture-with-table-office

A technique long leads are tables with wheels, to move it where you want. In the following photos you see poéis different tables with different sizes.

pallet furniture-with-table-with-wheels pallet furniture-with-table-with-stand-glass

But it is not only intended for adults living or a Children's table fun, comfortable and useful can be the next picture.

pallet furniture-with-table-for-children

Also, as stated earlier, we can do different accessories like a shelving. In the following pictures you will find shelves with different features and sizes.

furniture-with pallet-shelf pallet furniture-with-shelves-small

Finally we leave the next gallery with more examples of indoor furniture pallets. C'mon to them for ideas!

Pallet furniture for garden and terrace

Let's see what we can make furniture to place in the Exterior, when we talk outside we refer to garden, patio, porch and terrace.

pallet furniture-with-outdoor

In most cases what we are about sofas with a table to enjoy these meetings or moments with friends and family in a comfortable and relaxed space as well.

pallet furniture-with-terrace

In the next gallery you will find more example of pallets outdoors.

Kitchen furniture pallets

For decorate the kitchen with pallets we leave you a few ideas that you can use, such as for creating islands, tables, furniture, spice and fruit bowls, lamps, racks, etc. Many ideas so you can awaken your creativity and create yourselves to yourselves by EspacioHogar.


Furniture decoration pallet is very personal, because you do with your own hands and you leave to your liking. Perfect ideas for those in love with &# 8220; Do it yourself&8221; or &# 8220; Do it yourself&# 8221 ;.

Gallery Furniture with Pallets

If you liked as much as me, the ideas of furniture made with pallets and we have decided to decorate our house this way comes time to know how to make furniture with pallets.

Making furniture with pallets

Before getting to build our furniture pallets, It is important treat wood properly to get the perfect finish. What materials are you need?

Making furniture pallets: Materials

  • a fungicide
  • sandpaper
  • A hammer
  • Brush wood
  • A brush
  • a tapaporos
  • a primer
  • Painting (to taste)

Making furniture pallets: Step by Step

1. First we apply a fungicide for Remove all mildew or bacteria I can dwell on pallets. It is a very important step if you do not know the origin of the wooden pallet.

2. Now we can sand well pallet to remove chips there. If you are looking for it is to give a professional touch we can making a brushing to remove the first layer of the surface.

3 Review of nailsIf no nails, use the hammer to achieve a uniform surface of the pallet.

4. Once we have completely smooth our pallet, we need to dusting the surface with a brush.

5. We have our pallet ready to be varnished or painted. But before doing so, it is important use a tapaporos If you go to varnishing or applying a coat of white primer if you are painting the pallet.

Now we're ready to start making our furniture pallets!

Making furniture pallets: A table


Table with pallets step by step


Making furniture pallets: Planter


Planter with pallets step by step


Making furniture pallets: Chair


Chair with pallets step by step


Making furniture pallets: Hotbed


Seedbed with pallets step by step


Making furniture pallets: compostera


Composter with pallets step by step


So much for the tutorial with step by step how to make furniture with pallets and the best ideas to decorate our house with pallets. If you have any questions or need any help, do not hesitate to write it in the comments so that we can help you.

Making a house with recycled pallets

Build a house recycled pallets it is beneficial for nature and do not take long, the pallets are very resistant because pine wood supports more than 1000 kg. They tend to be very comfortable and functional houses.


It is important to be clear about the Material selection, 120 pallets need. You can get it in stores at a good price, sometimes you give them away. But beware You must not use pallets:

  1. badly damaged pallet is for security can be broken and the house fall.
  2. Pallets painted in bright colors, the reason is that may contain formaldehyde.
  3. Beware of pallets labeled IPPC, ie impregnated compounds harmful to humans.
  4. Pallets have been used in areas of spontaneous trade and remaining moisture and odor impregnated.

Once we clear the materials we have to use, we need to think about the design and what it will cost us. With a clear project design will think that depends on the result of the work, it is best to go to professionals to help us with the design.


We start by Foundation construction and subsoil. The foundation for a house is not very necessary, with stone blocks on which it will be enough frame.

The walls and ceiling the following, the uprights are placed forming the windows and doors, and ceiling. I advise you to not use pallets roof disassembled by weight.


Finally the thermal insulation and finishing. It must be isolated with good insulating material such as ISOPAN, but if it is a summer house is better than utilicéis polierileno thick. When construction is completed timber should be covered with anti-fungal solution and, depending on the taste of each painting.

So that you stay completely clear and detailed how to build a house with recycled pallets we leave the video below.

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