Colors double bedrooms, youth and small

If you want your bedroom to become a modern, spacious and bright room, nothing like choosing colors well, although depending on how the bedroom, we can opt for a trend or other. Then, Colors double bedrooms, youth and small, how we can take advantage through reduced colors, or how we can make it visually appear larger spaces.

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Choosing Colors for double bedrooms, youth and small

When choosing the best color for a bedroom, either double or juvenile or if it is a small one, it is important to bear in mind, that we must know what hitand it is essential to consider the space available as well as natural light coming through the window.


The light colors, or those who are neutral, among which white, They are the kind of color that tend to opt for most people when it comes to choosing a color for your bedroom. The reason is simple when you consider that this type of colors, our space will be much wider, and unless you have a huge bedroom, it sure would appreciate to have a room as large as possible.

On the other hand, if we consider that a bedroom is a place to ensure relaxation, better know to choose colors that are relaxing, and among these we can recommend the pastel colors for example (ideal on the other hand for small bedrooms) as well as those who are soft like Salmon, beige, light green, Turquoise, purple or light purple, light brown, mallow, White, and even light gray who apparently it is now trend in many master bedrooms.

With the above tones get a much more welcoming and relaxing feeling and if we add the choice of colors for bedroom furniture, white or black they take a lot also have a room with a fresh and modern style.

Let us now look different proposals colors for bedrooms depending on whether your choice is for a double bedroom, a small one or a juvenile.

Choosing Colors for double bedrooms

The double bedrooms are one of the rooms that require more care and dedication, the end of the day is the place where every day will raise us and where at the end of the day we rest. Choose colors properly is very important, the atmosphere that we depend on our relaxation.


Choosing Colors for double bedrooms | White


He White See, I have mentioned as an essential color for a bedroom, but when it comes to one of marriage, which tend to be somewhat larger space, we have the option of choose from other colors. For this I propose that for example choose one combination of white and blue. Two tones are very well together and can be the key to your room shared with your partner look &8220; fresh&lit and more spacious # 8221 ;,.

Decorate the walls in a Color as timeless, that never gets old and It will allow us all kinds of combinations. A simple way to decorate a room of marriage to last us several seasons. Paint the room and go blank introducing colors in decorative elements, such as furniture, bedding, curtains, chairs or carpets.

Choosing Colors for double bedrooms | Color Earth

On the other hand, earth colors are trend this year and they will surely be a great choice for a double bedroom, providing elegance and above all making the space into a much more cozy and romantic place. These tones will propose not only the walls, you see in the picture above how well they can get these colors on the bedding, furniture or curtains.


As for colors that are striking and will allow to emphasize your master bedroom, I propose yellow, but of course, is better than just let's paint a wall of this color and the rest are white and bedding . The combination is perfect.

Another option is to use the strong and important to highlight the centerpiece of the room color, in this case the bed, a bed that also takes more entity through the canopy collected evoking colonial bedrooms, smooth with white and brown colors plus wood is the way not to overload a room like this.

Choosing Colors for double bedrooms | Risks in color

Most of the time we do not dare with color because if you do not have well-trained your mind and imagination, you can not get an idea of ​​the final result. Perhaps we fear risk but as you can see not always the classic combinations of color, are the only ones.

Combining anthracite gray with a dark seawater is a wise move if you dedicate to each color the right place. Highlight the main wall with the darker color gives personality to the environment, taking into account that this room has a very masculine cut. One way to soften the color of the main wall is revealing brushstrokes in seawater, both the visible parts of the wall as small details like upholstery bank.

Choosing Colors for double bedrooms | Images

Choosing Colors for Youth Bedroom

Youth bedrooms seem to cry color and dynamism. Convey the strength of youth and simultaneously capture their personality, interests, tastes, dreams, etc. Out stereotypes were colors in rooms of children, now red, orange, green, burgundy, coral, sea water, etc. All the colors that provide strength and vitality will be well accepted by our youngsters.


As for the colors for youth bedrooms, often imposed much the flashy or loud tones, but combined with other softer. Thus, you can choose, as we saw with the wall of yellow, a color such as red, but then combining with the other walls white or a light color.

Another option, as you can see is the top choice furniture that color, including red again, although these can be combined with such walls in soft gray, as we see in the image above.

Choosing Colors for Youth bedrooms | Light colors


He White It is also a good color choice for this type of bedrooms, because it will always allow us to achieve a brighter room, but perhaps the best option is that of choosing curtains or furniture that are presented in this tone and let the walls in other more warm like this land we see in the photo above. 

Choosing Colors for Youth bedrooms | bold colors


Young people tend to like a lot of the more showy colors, or are not as cold as white, and although it may be decanted by any black or dark colors actually, the truth is that colors like blue, green, orange, brown and even may be a great choice, if you are looking is to highlight a space that is young and fresh; a space that is also &# 8220; lively and welcoming&8221; both.

A different bedroom, such as young, rebellious and adventurous, why not let your imagination flow and with details like the walls in dark color, brown to accompany a suspended by ropes beds. Not a decorative idea would highlight if not for the brown background. Details in leather or wood, earth colors, ochres, browns, woods and land, a risky option but fun.

Colors like mint green, a youthful, lively and fresh color, very requested room for both boy and girl, the nuances you can put you. On a canvas in such a soft and soothing color, choose an image that breaks the monotony and that touch of transgression that this room deserves.

Choosing Colors for Youth bedrooms | Images

Choosing Colors for Small bedrooms

When choosing colors to decorate a small room we have to consider among other factors, lighting. What is important in a small room that has good natural lighting, with this we have a 90% guaranteed success.

Another factor to consider is the number of furniture that you have in a room or small bedroom, it is make a list of what is truly essential. Once we are aware of the limitations of space, try not to saturate the rooms. Only essential but well put, if we can make this effort to reduce space, we can afford to include some painting detail a little more daring.

Choosing Colors for Small bedrooms | whites


When it comes to choosing the small bedroom turns white or yes in a much-needed choice. This does not mean we can not choose other colors, but the truth is that in really small spaces, white allow you to make everything look bigger and illuminated.

Choosing Colors for Small bedrooms | Green

Military Color-bedrooms-small-walls-green-

Anyway, I do not say no you may choose another tone, and even your little bedroom &8220; view&8221; color trend. For this example we have this one bedroom in tones pulling the military green although a little smoother, and make the bedroom though small, it looks more cozy.

Choosing Colors for Small bedrooms | mustards


Another color that you will be very well be ochres and color mustard which incidentally also carried much this year, interior decoration and even can combine it with curtains and bedding with the same tones Have ye also noticed how well is that color with the roof in blue sky?

Choosing Colors for Small bedrooms | Images

Choosing Colors for bedrooms | Image gallery

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