Imaginarium Christmas Catalog 2017

We will live with smaller intensity Christmas, and I do not mean the best ideas for holiday decorating but let's speak of toys and gifts. The Imaginarium store, one of the most famous shops specialized in the smallest of the house, has its catalog for this special time, let's see what offers this year the catalog Christmas Imaginarium and it will also offer the best toys for all ages.


Imaginarium Christmas Catalog 2017


He Imaginarium catalog for Christmas 2017 It is loaded with juguestes for our little ones discover the world since its inception. This is a list of accessories so that children not only have fun, but will do so while meeting the most wonderful side of life: adventures, go forth, discover nature, to express what they feel . welcome to Imaginarium new catalog of Christmas Special 2017, Do you want to know?

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Toys to see the world

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2016137From very small, our children must surround himself with all possible experience, because for them everything is discovery, and what better to do with their toys. These stuffed animals we see are especially soft for children to learn from touching the different textures as well as the first association with animals and colors.

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2016141The game is part of a baby's life, and that is why they can not lack for entertainment accessories in the car, your crib or when you play with him. Tell stories and develop their creativity and imagination with colorful dolls, colorful. Shapes and textures will help you get to know the world with small details.

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Toys for special moments

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2016159We all remember those family moments playing any table game, However, children today are primarily kept between technologies that often, individualize and isolate some degree. Always keep some time in the week to play traditional games like this the &# 8220; who's who&# 8221 ;, a classic.

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2016163Children love adventures, and that involves travel. Sometimes travel can be very overwhelming, but the key is that children can help somehow make them part of the journey and be happy. Imaginarium offers us a perfect luggage for those who already may carry some weight.

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Toys to discover

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-201695Descubir nature is to discover the world, and there is no better way than making them feel intrepid explorers. And every good explorer needs your tools such as binoculars, walkie-talkies, flashlights and boats to get insects examined later. Quite a discovery!

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-201699Many children also fascinated by the universe and everything about the stars and the galaxy. What better way to bring them a little more to it than providing them with a telescope? They give their first steps in knowing what's up there and see a little more &# 8220; close&8221; the moon that so impresses.

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Moving toys


These bikes are for children and adults. No, you can not montaros them, but you desfrutaréis seeing your children in a stunning views of the bikes have always wanted, or even already have. All children want to be like their parents, and if they are passionate about as much as you, you can not go wrong with these Christmas gifts. catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-201679

Sport is one of the best friends of children, as to prevent disease and to enjoy being children, they should go for a run and know sports to learn how to be part of a team, to respect the rules and to know both the feeling of victory and defeat.

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Toys express

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-201655If your child has great artistic qualities, this is your section. Passionate about music all children, and if you want play to be small rock stars, Why stop them? You can even play those afternoons with friends, cousins ​​and siblings, leaving future bands give concerts around the world.

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-201666Y for the calmest artists, those who prefer a good drawing coloring, can not lack the pens and colors to colors that can express how they feel. If they can also have blackboards and washable, the better, because they are usually more fun than paper.

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Toys overcome


Challenges put part of being children, and Imaginarium knows, therefore incorporates a very important section in their new Christmas catalog: Toys to outdo themselves. Do puzzles, fitting pieces, creating buildings&# 8230; All this is essential for brain development of children, who are always in continuous learning. catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2016126

Imaginarium catalog Christmas 2017 | Toys imagine


Finally, the most special, those who approach them even further into real life. Those that motivate them to imagine and to dream, which will help them to know what they want to be in life, what amuses them and what moves them, what their interests are. Will you belong to the fire department? ¿When police? They will also learn the daily life of a family and the importance of inclusion of any person, regardless of race or disability. catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-201627

Photo Gallery Imaginarium Christmas Catalog 2017

Imaginarium Christmas catalog from previous years


In addition to all the toys that you can find in Imaginarium this year, we also offer you the opportunity to know the latest decorating trends clicking on our catalog:

Christmas catalog

When Christmas approaches, all children are prepared to order your gifts to find under the tree. Imaginarium already have available their new Christmas catalog where we can find all the toys that children not only have fun but to also be aturn to do it in an educational way. They have launched the &8220; claim&8221; &# 8220; Choose Smart Insurance!&8221; and the truth is that by reviewing all proposed are not wrong and we even is hard to pick one.

Espaciohogar we show you the latest news from Imaginarium and its new catalog full.

Toys take over


Toys crafts or arts and crafts They are chosen by the brand like Star gifts. In recent years it has become fashionable for children to spend time playing constructions and although you all sound insurance brands are very famous from Imaginarium we propose their own building blocks with which we can even make up a table for yourself.

You have to know that in Imaginarium find all kinds of toys that give free rein to the imagination and so children can even become young artists, whether painting, or doing all kinds of crafts, as they have the necessary materials so we can spend whole afternoons cutting, pasting, painting&# 8230; ultimately creating.


The dolls, and dolls, They are also very present in the new Imaginarium Christmas catalog because they can not miss in any home where we have young children. Imaginarium not only have large dolls to play with for hours (making a party of friends for example), but also They have all the elements and accessories (Kitchenettes, refrigerators, houses, etc.&# 8230;) so that we can create with them a world of fantasy.


Within these accessories we want to highlight their special wooden houses that you see that are really outstanding collection. They are chandles dolls, which have all kinds of miniatures, accessories and, with which children will be able to develop their imagination by imitating adults, play everyday situations, progress in the use of language, interpersonal relationships and better understand the world around them.


The veterinary and medical kits They are also highly demanded by children at this age and who did not want to be a doctor or firefighter. For this Christmas make real the dream of the little ones. In addition to the new catalog also you have Imaginarium dogs with those taking a walk waves dollhouses and that seems to have become fashionable again among the children.


And if they are more than other animals that has nothing to do with dogs, or puppies, you may be surprised to receive this Christmas a dinosaur like you see in this image. Figures of animals for children who have been modeled in detail, and so kids can discover all its features. Since terrifying dinosaurs and dragons, even feared lions and bears, and even through all the farm animals.


We have seen a dollhouse with which children can unleash your imagination but do not want to miss the opportunity also to present the castles we also have the Imaginarium catalog. Castles like this fairy tale, which also comes with a selection of fantasy and accessories, and thus children will be able to unleash their imagination, creating stories and great adventures playing with pirate ships, princesses, castles and more. In addition they will be able to develop your ability to visualize mental images, social skills and language use. Ideal from 3 years.

Sewing machine

Among the new catalog of Imaginarium we also find all those toys that children see and want to be like mayores.Ya we have spoken previously of cocinitas and others but we must also make mention of the sewing machines and that leads us to want to speak now of creative toys that stand out in this new catalog.

creative Toys

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2013-2014-sewing workshop

Now we have talked about the creative proposals Imaginarium; Now we also want to add the toys are not just for fun but also allow children learn to use tools and gadgets that can mark them for life.

In the case of Imaginarium sewing workshop, one of his most famous toys, and each year it is included in the Imaginarium catalog and which has a sewing machine with which girls can make their own dresses her dolls.


Your children may prefer to make jewelry such as bracelets or rings, rather than designing clothes. In the new catalog of Imaginarium are so creative toys like this machine to make jewelry with which meclando colors, creating lines and using the imagination, they can develop all kinds of children beads to add to your jeweler or give to your friends and family.


And it is not only girls design their own jewelry for the family but also in Imaginarium find a whole kit for themselves what Imaginarium have a complete workshop and kit so that they can prepare themselves and simply their bracelets, rings, etc.&# 8230;

catalog-imaginarium-Christmas-2013-2014-pastry shop

And if you like to help in the kitchen, what better gift than a cooking kit for children are those who prepare desserts and cookies. it comes with everything you need to cook really, with adult supervision, and thus learn something so useful since they are small. Really they are going to be able to cook all kinds of dishes for the degustéis with them. Who knows maybe is convirten in the next &8220; masterchef&8221; house.


technological fun


Regardless of dolls and toys of all kinds, the new catalog for Christmas Imaginarium also has interesting proposals that technology has an important weight. This is the case of its instruments, for example, and among which are musical blankets really they sound like a piano or a battery and they will not want to leave at any time.


You will find in the music section, in addition, players and devices so that children can listen to your favorite songs and spend the afternoon singing, dancing and laughing.


And they could not miss nor cameras, not a tablet as &8220; Paquito&8221; which it is known among the smallest home and surely you will ask for this Christmas.

In addition, in this catalog you'll find more than 800 products with a 5% discount If you Card Partner Club Imaginarium, thus making gifts to children in the house will not be such a heavy economic burden.

In the Imaginarium website, You can find many more proposals of this store for Christmas.

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Photos Imaginarium and its Christmas catalog from previous years