Decoration catalog El Corte Ingles 2017 – 2018: Autumn – Winter

The latest decor you'll find it in the catalog decoration El Corte Ingles which we present below, fashion trends that will be most desired in autumn-winter 2017 &# 8211; 2018

El Corte Inglés catalog Decoration: Autumn Winter 2017 &# 8211; 2018

Trends proposed by El Corte Ingles for decoration this year is based on different styles: rustic with a mix of contemporary, natural materials, minimalist decor and urban decor with an elegant touch.

El Corte Inglés catalog Fall &# 8211; Winter: Kitchen 2017 -2018

Cooking in this section we will also include all the trends of household items.

One of the highlights of the new collection of El Corte Ingles is your commitment textures, we can see in the different rooms of the home and household items. The glass will be very present but can you imagine a crystal-like bubbles?

In turn, we find the classically elegant tableware light colors, but you can also find dishes with gilt interior with different geometric shapes that capture the attention immediately. We also find the same effect on the cutlery, with different colors and textures on the handle.

El Corte Inglés catalog Fall &# 8211; winter 2017 -2018 Meetings

As noted above, the textures become part of living in each of the elements: cushions, carpets, sofas, curtains&# 8230; Textiles will acquire great importance in these presentations and, depending on the style you like, you'll find a collection for you.

Another element that will be very present will be the Frames, with colors like gold that can give plenty of light and color to a wall but without losing elegance.

In turn, an interesting for those who you like color and life provide a stay detail, artificial flowers they will be a undisputed protagonists. You can create your own bouquets and floral combinations are a bit expensive but the finish and similarity are very good.

El Corte Inglés catalog Fall &# 8211; Winter: Bedrooms 2017 &# 8211; 2018

One of the trends that we liked about this season is that not everything will be dark colors or sad bedrooms, what you will, going to be able to find pastel colors and floral patterns with which to create the perfect bedroom for fall and winter.

The shades will vary greatly, so it will be easy to find the color that will match your bedroom. You will see warm colors or cool colors, with all kinds of textiles so you can create a cozy bedroom.

For a pleasant stay and where you feel like being, you will also have at your disposal a illumination different intensities to create subtle and intimate spaces.

El Corte Inglés catalog Fall &# 8211; winter catalog

Do not miss the opportunity to get ideas for your home with the complete catalog of the English Court for autumn winter 2017 &# 8211; 2018:

Decoration catalog El Corte Ingles: Spring Summer 2017

Spring trends &# 8211; Summer

This spring color and flower prints again occupy a prominent place in the decoration. bright, bold and elegant with bright patterns that resurface to capture the attention of a room colors.

So, in this way, in the catalog of El Corte Ingles decoration for this spring summer season we find the whole expression of spring and all the desire of summer at home.

All this explosion of color and decoration can easily combine with those decorative elements that sometimes they go unnoticed but they really are key: cushions, a lamp, crockery, cutlery, tablecloths&# 8230;

Thus, El Corte Ingles prepares different trends (Which you can see in detail below) which show colors and shapes for each station.

El Corte Inglés catalog Spring / Summer 2017 Meetings

In this section we will find very different styles and can draw a lot of attention for this spring summer.

On the one hand, we find the great classics and comfortable lounge with comfortable leather sofas, denote elegance and are timeless. Moreover, these same Sofas can find much more suggestive tones that go from classical to put that point of difference that will match these stations.

This time, we find a striped pattern on a clear background reminiscent of marine tones, beach, sea, summer and good temperatures so intense that cushion.

Not everything that makes a perfect living room is a comfortable sofa or pretty, too illumination it becomes an aspect to care a lot and also you can see what the proposals of professional decorators El Corte Ingles in this section.

El Corte Inglés catalog Spring / Summer 2017 Mesa

The tables They can be a decorative element that goes unnoticed in our lives but really, around a table, is where great things happen: romantic dinners, family dinners, birthday celebrations and other anniversaries, foods are served and enjoyed&# 8230; The tables are a key element.

In this section, as you are already seeing in the picture, we will find not only the latest trends for this season in terms of the table as furniture, we can also find the developments in crockery, cutlery and all cups or bowls you please purchase.

Hand-painted earthenware with colors that easily associate with this season. They can be pastels, but with the intensity of a combined bluish pink, tinted glass cups, trays with fish shapes, porcelain, crystal ... There are many options available.

This section also find all about the chairs. We do not speak only of functional chairs, if no chairs that are decorative elements themselves, with their colors, the materials that make up and even their designs and shapes.

El Corte Inglés catalog Spring / Summer 2017 Kitchen

The Cookware They can never be left to chance or use low quality tools because, this time, I can say yes in the end not profitable. In the kitchen utensils we use constantly and sometimes, depending on the tools we use and the quality of them affect the outcome of our dishes.

Therefore, you are going to see some items for your kitchen that you can be interesting for cooking: iron ore pans, pots and pans, grill pans range of cast aluminum and a section that I love utensils colors! Cooking does not have to be monochrome, either the outcome or the process.

You will also find knives, wooden boards of different shapes and sizes, aprons, tablecloths, dishcloths and everything for baking.

El Corte Inglés catalog Spring / Summer 2017: Camas

As you will be able to imagine, the trends that have basically could summarize in three ways: pastel colors, floral prints and blue.

That does not mean that we then find sheets and bedspreads very striking, vital and can give life and joy to any room colors.

El Corte Inglés catalog Spring Summer 2017: Bathroom

Trends in bathroom decor we will find more than 60 summer designs in shades and towel sets so you can feel the essence of this season, the calmness, conviviality.

And for those who already have you been time to change the feeling that you produce your bathroom, you want to give a different touch but you can not get into a work, have you thought about changing the shower curtain? A small change can mean much effect on the decor.

El Corte Inglés catalog Spring Summer 2017 Full

Then you are going to be able to see all catalog items with high quality and detail but if you want to see it closer, you just have to double-click the image so you can see it in full size.

I hope you inspire and consigáis enjoy your home with all the trends this spring summer 2017:

Decoration catalog El Corte Ingles: Spring Summer 2016


A catalog full of color for all areas of the house, including the smallest where you will also find trends created exclusively for them.

You can find not only interesting designs for bedding, you also have to find the option to change the room with two bunk beds that are comfortable, fit well visually and can enchant .:

The rooms are beautiful and I'm speechless at all the details to find ways for the kitchen.

El Corte Inglés catalog Decoration Spring / Summer 2016

Then you can see everything in detail:

El Corte Inglés catalog Decoration: Autumn Winter 2016

the English court catalog 20161

Then we are going to talk about the different sections of decoration that can be found in the Catalog Decoration El Corte Ingles 2016:

  • Table
  • Kitchen
  • salons
  • Bed
  • Bathrooms
  • Home Office
  • catalog

Decoration catalog El Corte Ingles 2016: Mesa

If you want to make a big change in the living room and / or dining in your home do not miss the different tables you will find in the catalog decorating El Corte Ingles. Styles as varied as a glass table, wooden tables, extendable tables&# 8230; with chairs or benches that blend perfectly for a complete style.

We looked in some detail at the tables to tell you the latest trends for the dining room in this 2016 opt for sober colors and among which we have the black. After a 2015 in which the clear commitment in question has been colored white, black seems a bit occupies instead. Thus in the new catalog of El Corte Inglés we can find models as ideal as this tables with metal legs board lacquered matt black and melamine top in the same color. Tables like this are perfect for modern style dining as well as minimalist style.

On the other hand, in this new catalog of furniture going to be able to find crockery with different motifs and colors from classic to vivid; napkins games, tablecloths, glassware and everything you need to have a full kitchen with all kinds of accessories.

Here you can see all the latest in tableware and kitchen you can find in El Corte Ingles trends in 2016:

El Corte Ingles decoration catalog 2016: Kitchen

In the kitchen section you can find the cookware and pans of the best brands, different sizes and models that can cook food for a large number of guests to a few people.

In turn, you will also find all kinds of kitchen accessories which allow you to cook more comfortably and with better results. Also, you can find Storage items so you can have all your food well preserved even be sensational sight.

For the kitchen we can find tables with as functional as this you see in the image design. A table model laminated MDF pinewood with two extendable side of 30 cm each and glass panel, so that we can extend it when necessary, and fold to not take up too much space. The legs are asymmetrically with rounded corners finished anodized aluminum also has a drawer made of pine wood.

In the gallery we put then without pinchais above the image, ors show the other items you can find in the catalog 2016:

El Corte Ingles decoration catalog 2016: Meetings

In the salons section, you can find items from different styles that can easily combine them to get a personalized decoration.

What elements are essential to consider a lounge look like a home, nice and cozy? El Corte Ingles have chosen sofas and armchairs, lamps of different styles (metal, glass, industrial&# 8230;), libraries, shelves.

In addition, you can find decorative elements that enhance the feeling of home: watches, carpets, cushions, candles, mirrors, coffee tables, photo frames, tables, televisions.

We can also find those furniture that are perfect to store things and often occupy too much space in our living room. The new furniture catalog El Corte Inglés however, bet on those models that are somewhat smaller, but small rooms have everything or necessary to place the TV, books, and even storage devices (as is usual) dishes.

Then, if you click on the image, you can see the entire selection of items that has made El Corte Ingles for decoration catalog 2016:

El Corte Ingles decor catalog 2016: Camas

If you're thinking of giving a new life to your bedroom for a place of dreams, new trends in 2016 can give you great ideas to get something very special and unique.

In this section you will find everything you need for your bedroom, from the most basic to those variables most customizable and where you choose the style you want to give own items: blankets of different fabrics and colors, quilt, sheet sets, duvet cover, cushions&# 8230;

We want to make special mention that for the textile bedroom has El Corte Ingles in its new catalog. Thus, for the new spring-summer season, we can find all kinds of deals and discounts between Nordic sheets and that prices even reach the 50% discount.

In addition to finding headboards different styles, tables, furniture, table lamps, alarm clocks, picture frames, decorative boxes, among others, we can also find furniture that are essential and which can not fail in our bedroom but which are also trend. It is the case with comfortable furniture type or chiffonier something that seemed forgotten and again present in many bedrooms.

For years I have a comfortable was the perfect wardrobe complement our room, but as these are now becoming larger, the fact is that this cabinet finally disappeared somehow. Now companies such as El Corte Ingles us again suggest to bet a pretty comfortable or chiffonier that is modern and at the same time have a design for anything bizarre. Thus, much comfortable to carry smooth lines and straight, as ideal as white colors.

Here you can see all the items you have selected to you can create your bedroom:

El Corte Ingles decor catalog 2016: Bathrooms

Bathrobes different fabrics and different patterns, varying sizes and best brands you can find in El Corte Ingles.

As you can see, your bathroom will be able to have all kinds of sets of towels and different colors will allow you to combine it with the rest of the decor you have. This way you can have a modern bathroom this 2016 but also one in which all the elements fit us even though we have a small space.

Then you can see here all items in the bathroom of the new catalog:

El Corte Ingles decor catalog 2016: Home Office

Many people need to have their own corner to work at home and the best way to concentrate in the home is to have everything ready to be comfortable.

In this section you can find writing desks of different styles and with varying storage areas, depending on how much you need. Chairs varied and comfortable desk, along with the indispensable accessories: pen holders, file, document tray, paper&# 8230; They carry a lot of desk chairs and tables minimalist style, ideal to convert even a corner of the house in our office.

Here you can see the section to complete the catalog:

Decoration catalog full of El Corte Ingles

If you prefer to see the catalog full instead of seeing it as the sections that I've been pointing out, here you can access it comfortably. All you have to do is click on the main picture and go turning the page, as if you read a normal magazine.