King Size: where to buy in Spain

The dimensions of a king size bed is 1.95 m wide and 2 m long. It is the largest bed there, perfect for two people to rest comfortably. At the same time, the two will have plenty of space, because it is also the widest bed.

What are King Size beds and what your measurements are

The King Size bed differs from the rest of the available market size beds, as it is larger than those with standard measurements. That is a king size bed rest will allow us a more spacious and comfortably either as a couple or family day or night. A very important aspect to consider before purchasing a comfortable bed as this action will be: these beds are 2.00m x 1.90m wide long.

Because of the large dimensions of this bed, whenever we talk about the measures we have in mind the space we have in our room before taking the final step and decide to buy the bed chosen. If we chose the king size bedroom provide a majestic appearance. We must remember that we must be sure and take measurements carefully the available space we have in our bedroom, because we want our new reign as king size bed in our room deserves, shining like the real protagonist is. We should be enough room also for other elements that we have in the bedroom, as the two nightstands, enough space to drive through it, you have easy access to the cabinet and other decorative elements that we want to have, as a chair or a chair, a clothes rack clothes ready to leave the next day, a small dresser or vanity or, perhaps, a large mirror resting on the ground&# 8230;

Another alternative that is offered to us, if we decided on King Size bed, is the one with the mattress divided, a very interesting and equally valid option we should bear in mind when we decided to take the plunge by the largest of bed. This bed is made up of two single mattresses. We will have the pleasant feeling of rest in two separate beds without actually are. Thus at all times we enjoy greater freedom of movement without disturbing at all our partner.


Where can I buy beds King Size

Our society has evolved in every way. This means that our way of rest too. Currently, comfort means more space. If you've already decided to take a step forward and purchase a large, comfortable bed like this, you should keep in mind that there are different places where you can buy the King Size beds. The advice, however, will go to an establishment of our absolute confidence: the encontrás very easily, for example, Ikea or Conforama. Compare prices providing you because ultimately it is you who have to decide. But beware !, in addition to the King Size we also have the Queen Size. A very interesting alternative to consider.

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What are Queen size beds and what are your measurements?

Queen Size bed in comfortably fit two people, because their mattress 1.50 m wide and 2m long It offers comfortable and spacious rest two people, so this bed is a great choice.

Queen Size bed is a bit larger than the bed to which we are accustomed, measuring 1.50 meters wide by 2 meters long. It has extra space 20 centimeters wide, enabling the occupant to move at ease all night. A queen size bed becomes the best choice for all couples seeking a comfortable own space in which to relax in peaceful manner. It is also ideal for corpulent people and for those who have the tendency, while they are sleeping, to move much.

If you have got enough space in your bedroom, you will never regret purchasing a bed like Queen Size. If we talk about a place to find comfort, tranquility and comfort will always be very welcome a large, comfortable and spacious as this bed.

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Where to buy Queen size beds

Queen Size bed is available in shops specializing in products for our home, but we must also think about the quality you are offering to sell to you. You can purchase queen size beds high quality in stores like Ikea, which they have a very wide range of products to complement our home. You also find a lot of variety of oversized beds in Conforama, which is to be an alternative to the above quite similar, both in quality and price they offer. In both establishments all its specialized staff will be at your disposal to guide you, inform and advise you properly so that you can make a successful purchase you will not regret it.

We must be clear that both King Size bed as the Queen Size may use for an unlimited time, so let's think calmly in what may be our likely needs in a more or less near future. Often it is not only an issue that can affect the couple but, if in the future we have children, they appreciate a lot that you can offer them a larger space to share their games, confidential talks, laughs and breakfast weekend week or, on stormy nights, unable to sleep huddled with his parents.

It is for this reason that, despite the size difference between the King Size and Queen Size may not seem like much, it is important to spend some time to think before choosing one of the two, as have 50 cm more or less noticeable. It is when we say that that &# 8220; the size does matter&# 8221 ;.