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The vintage photographs bedroom that we are going to show in this article are an invitation to get the bedroom of your dreams. We tell you how to decorate vintage style bedroom.


Vintage style bedroom

The vintage decoration came into vogue a few years ago and has not stopped being trend since. There are many styles that can decorate your bedroom but continues to generate that feeling old dream of a unique place, a special stay.

Vintage style bedroom &# 8211; Colors

The colors of the walls, furniture and decorative elements are always indicative of the type of stay that wanted to create and the person who has imagined.


Vintage bedrooms tend to emphasize to use white and beige for the decoration of the same colors that illuminate the room. But another trend that originated with the return of retro is another variety of colors but always in cakes or aged tones.

This way, you will be much easier to create your own vintage room with colors that more you define.

Vintage style bedroom &# 8211; Wrought iron

One of the materials that will be very present in Vintages bedrooms is the wrought iron. This can become the defining element of a headboard, which supports the structure of the bed or bank bedside.


The wrought iron colors They can vary greatly. We can see them in black (easily combine with any room and especially in those with white walls), in white colors (ideal when you have painted the wall where it some dark color is supported) or gold or aged colors, although not so frequent.


Color headboard wrought iron have chosen can be combined perfectly with the rest of the furniture. This is very easy to see when the target becomes the chosen color of the room, bringing light and that vintage touch.

Vintage style bedroom &# 8211; aged furniture

One of the great advantages of creating a vintage style bedroom is that You can reuse old furniture to create something completely new. Another option for those who do not have these old furniture or are less Mafiosi, is to buy furniture you already have an aged appearance and have classic lines.


Another detail that differentiates vintage furniture other decorative styles is that you can find them in different colors, but in most cases, the chosen colors are usually light or pastel.

Vintage style bedroom &# 8211; antique lamps

The retro lamps or vintage within that category, we can find a multitude of variants in which more commitment glassware, wrought iron or other materials as different tissues.


You will have to consider what type of decoration are planning for your room, the colors and the furniture you have set to achieve a lamp as consistent as possible. Lighting, ideal, would bulbs warm light better than cold.


Vintage style bedroom &# 8211; vintage mirrors

Vintage decor bedroom can easily be achieved with very little furniture. The bed will be the key element where we have to focus much of our attention but a mirror finish can give you all the style.


You can choose a standing mirror, they are sensational with the decor but also can choose to mirror like photography, with intricate and different shades frames. In turn, you can also find framed mirrors aged wood.

Vintage style bedroom - paper walls

The paper in the bedrooms was taking some time, but over the years has given way to painting, as it was easier to apply and, above all, cheaper and was not so cumbersome. He sought a neutral trend, but it seems that people are tired to go unnoticed and reached the vintage trend.


With this style where we worship old, we rescued the ornate decorative paper, flower-filled unctuous colors, but with a slight sepia touch, designed exclusively for the new era. Just place the paper flowers, starts overflowing and vintage styling and many are those who have signed up to vintage fashion paper.

Vintage style bedroom - Toilet

Indispensable for any bedroom, especially if you want the vintage style. It becomes a key factor, as is usually a slightly worn or new, but old lines, almost antique furniture from Vitoria stands out for the simplicity of its design. Nothing filled with bulbs and lights and cases for jewelry mirrors.


With a small table, a comfortable chair and a large mirror, just by putting dried flowers and some vintage perfume bottles style, we turn this vanity in an indispensable and very striking in the bedroom.

Bedrooms vintage style - Wood

Wood, especially when worn, has a very attractive vintage touch. One farthest from the one we know, beyond the 20 With a nod to the romantic style, when aged wood is installed in different bedroom furniture or a piece especially as a dresser, a nightstand, doors ...


Aged touch makes the vintage style installed harder and if you want to decorate your bedroom with vintage style, do not forget to think of any item you want to expose, made with aged wood, with white and worn shades, as a shelf, mirror frame, comfortable ...

Vintage style bedroom - Ganchillo

One of the most important elements of vintage style is transported to the sheets and there is nothing more than a vintage linen or crocheted blankets. Not any crochet.


The fine crochet in beige tones, creating rugs and cushion covers. Ecru that gives a special clarity to the bedroom and a beautiful and elegant ancient touch.

Bedrooms vintage style - Decorative elements

If you do not want to hook you up to papering the bedroom, to change sheets and much less start changing the furniture in the room, but you want to get the vintage style, you can always leave as large side and focus on decorative elements.

dormitory-style-vintage-elements, decorative

Small details that make a room change completely, whenever you choose well and know where to place them:

  • Cushions and covers crochet flowers
  • Cushions covers old flowers
  • A mirror with an antique frame
  • Books stacked and topped with flowers
  • cages decorated
  • Bust of a mannequin

With loose like these in your bedroom items, you get the vintage effect you wanted without having to have invested so much.

Vintage style bedroom - Flores

Flowers are a key element in the decoration because it gives the care natural look how well is the vintage effect.


They are sensational natural flowers but it is not always possible to spend money on flowers at home, so look for a dried flowers or artificial they are well accomplished and prepare some nice containers. You can always customize them to get the best impression.

Vintage style bedroom - DIY

When you do it yourself furniture or decorative objects you want to put in the room, you will notice that convey the feeling is much more welcoming and nice.


Also, you can select the elements that compose to make them have an effect or another. In this case, shelving It becomes a place of order but also a decorative object invaluable.


Again fijaros magazine rack, how they have used the lacquering makes us the feeling of being in an older object and yet is like new.


You can too create messages and place them in your room. Choose table colors depending on the color of your bedding or furniture that you like or let yourself flow. The important thing is that after you give that effect were worn before talking or choose pastel colors to give it that vintage romantic spot.

Vintage style bedroom - Lighting

Extra lighting will also be a strong point in this type of bedrooms. Extra I say because I'm not talking about the typical ceiling lamps or table, if not those who just turning a bedroom into a special place.


You can make them by hand, you can find them in any physical or online store decorated with soft or bright colors. That's going to your taste but you will see that you can place them in all possible ways and still provide a cozy feeling.


Vintage style bedroom - Retro

If you want a completely different vintage style, we advise you to take the ideas of the next picture. It's a retro vintage style. A nod to the colors and the simplicity of 50-60 years. It is a more daring style where many textures do not put themselves and bet on the color.


If you love vintage style but you need a little more color, this style is sure which is more suited to your tastes.

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